Sarah L. Bingham

DPSc, MS, CNS, CGP, Certified Nutrition Specialist 
Licensed by Pastoral Medical Association

Most people have no idea how fast the body can heal with the right food, that’s the power of Fast Food Healing.

With over 30 years of experience Sarah has a well informed approach, grounded in common sense. She specializes in helping to overcome learning disabilities and behavioral issues linked to ADD, ADHD, autism, and asthma, as well as many others. With her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Development, Sarah is passionate about helping children and families heal by utilizing the power of food. Sarah is committed to the healing power of all aspects of her clients: mind, body, and spirit.

She is available for teaching and public speaking engagements, in person and by phone or skype.

Read more on Sarah’s philosophy on food as a healing agent here. 



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Events & Programs


Starting, APRIL 24 or MAY 22
4 Classes | Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30 pm
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These classes will take you through everything from getting started to how to travel and go out with friends and eat well. 


Sunday, MAY 4 from 6-7pm

Join us for a community potluck dinner this Sunday, April 6 from 6-7pm. Sarah will give a brief talk on gut health and then we will share our delicious food together. These potlucks began as a way to continue the work our GAPS groups do together but now they are  open for everyone. Click for full details.




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Finding The Child You Know Is In There

Finding the Child You Know Is In ThereGive me a week and I can show you how powerful your body is at healing itself.

Meet Maria.  She was 15 years old when her mother asked me for help.  She had horrible insomnia, just could not sleep at night.  She would lie down in bed but her body could not fall asleep.  She was behind in much of her homework because she was falling asleep in class she was so exhausted. She was depressed, had psoriasis, no energy, and couldn’t run or go up stairs fast.  She was under weight and constantly craved food.

Her pediatrician’s answer was to give her a sleeping pill at night and an amphetamine (speed) for the day.  Maria felt worse and was beginning to think life would be like this forever.

After speaking with her and teaching her how to use food to nourish her body, by the end of one week, she was off all medications (under doctor supervision), and she was sleeping.  Now, Maria was ready to take full responsibility for her health and she did.

Maria hasn’t turned back since that first week.  She has a terrific food lifestyle as a high school student, her psoriasis is fading, she runs up stairs, is happy, funny and full of joy…and she’s learning how to cook!  Just food…that’s all she changed.  Give your body a chance.  For many people, dramatic changes are seen in just a week.



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