My Philosophy : Food as a Healing Agent


In the daily deluge of options, studies, and claims about our food my philosophy is uncomplicated: the simplicity of food itself.

I am equally committed to the powerful simplicity of spiritual knowledge in the field of healing.

I believe in the profound connection between our bodies, minds, spirits, and simple, pure, well-made food. This is not about complex recipes or fancy brands. This has nothing to do with the trendiest vegetable of the month or marinade of the week.

Good food is just that, good food. It’s simple. Good thoughts are just that, good.  Good spiritual practices (whatever the path) are just that, good and always moving toward more and more love, grace, and gratitude.  Science has proven that these three disciplines are directly connected with optimum well being.  Food has energy.  Energy feeds our body.  Real, organic, food prepared with love has lots more energy than a food artifact found in a box or can.  I think we all intuitively know this on some level.

This kind of eating is not a diet, it has no expiration date. It is a way of living in true connection with your highest power and your food.

This is ultimately about your individual biochemistry and the best way for you to live the healthiest, happiest life possible.

I do not count calories. I count how many colors are on your plate.  I count how connected you are to your highest power.

I will be your guide, to help you on the journey to discovering how you want to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 



Sarah L. Bingham, MS 

Director of Nutritional Programs

The Franz Center

Essence Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Sarah began her career with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development from Tuft’s University. She ran a special needs pre-school and worked for several years with special needs children. She went on to receive a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Massachusetts.  Sarah is a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Sarah co-authored the book Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide, ran her own nutrition consulting practice for thirteen years in Lenox, MA, and was a regular guest on National Public Radio. She worked as part of a team in several medical practices using a multi-faceted approach to heal conditions such as depression, anxiety, obesity, autoimmune disorders, learning disabilities and behavioral issues in children, and chronic fatigue.

Sarah has more than thirty-five years experience counseling and lecturing on all aspects of nutrition throughout the country. Her current focus is in pediatrics helping mothers and their children overcome conditions like autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma, as well as other learning and behavior issues. She is a dynamic and passionate speaker who communicates with clarity, humor and inspiration the simplicity of achieving wellness.

Sarah works within the practices of Dr. Cornelia Franz (Pediatrician), Orlando, FL and Dr. Jane Phend, DOM (Acupuncture), Lakeland, FL. She is a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) practitioner (see  Sarah addresses body, mind and spirit as they are all critical to a healthy body.

Sarah can be reached at or 863-874-0407.

“I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want 2000 of something”

- Mitch Hedberg


Finding The Child You Know Is In There

Finding the Child You Know Is In ThereGive me a week and I can show you how powerful your body is at healing itself.

Meet Maria.  She was 15 years old when her mother came for help.  She had horrible insomnia, just could not sleep at night.  She would lie down in bed but her body could not fall asleep.  She was behind in most of her classes because she kept falling asleep in class due to exhaustion. She was depressed, had psoriasis, no energy, and couldn’t run or go up stairs fast.  She was underweight and constantly craved food.

Her first pediatrician’s answer was to give her a sleeping pill at night and an amphetamine (speed) for the day.  Maria felt worse and was beginning to think life would be like this forever.  She then turned to another pediatrician whose practice I worked in.

After speaking with her and teaching her how to use food to nourish her body, by the end of one week, she was off all medications (under doctor supervision), and she was sleeping.  The food Maria was eating was void of nutrients and full of substances that we now know create addictions and mental issues.  It is so important to understand how different foods can affect your body and mind.  With this new information, Maria was ready to take full responsibility for her health and she did.

Maria hasn’t turned back since that first week.  She has a terrific food lifestyle as a high school student, her psoriasis is fading, she runs up stairs, is happy, funny and full of joy…and she’s learning how to cook!  Just food…that’s all she changed.  Give your body a chance.  For many people, dramatic changes are seen in just a week.

Pain, there’s a topic!

green-saladMost of us think pain is something that is simply eliminated with aspirin or Tylenol, and that’s it.  I sure did.

Then I found out that what you eat can determine the degree of your pain.

What causes pain?  For the most part, inflammation.

What encourages inflammation?  Foods that are highly stressful to your body.

So, which foods are those?  Good question and one that can only be answered by your body.  I can teach you about the most likely candidates, but sometimes the culprit is the least likely candidate.  But once you know, you know.  Having this information puts you in the driver’s seat not the pain.  That’s a big help.

I had one student who discovered that when she ate the food she was reactive to the arthritic pain in her thumb would be unbearable.  But as long as she avoided that food, even though her thumb joint was a bit deformed, she had no pain and full use of the thumb.

One young lady had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  When she stopped eating her high stress foods, all symptoms of the rheumatoid arthritis went away…until she ate those foods again.  So, was this rheumatoid arthritis or a food intolerance/allergy?  Hard to know, but she didn’t care.  She was out of pain.  Simple, no drugs needed, great lifestyle.

So often, it’s just food.  I can teach you how simple it is to find out which, if any food, is creating inflammation.

Angina, Arthritis, headaches, achiness, stomachaches, and even emotional pain can often be caused by the wrong food.

I can show you how to figure that out.


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