My Philosophy : Food as a Healing Agent


In the daily deluge of options, studies, and claims about our food my philosophy is uncomplicated: the simplicity of food itself.

I am equally committed to the powerful simplicity of spiritual knowledge in the field of healing.

I believe in the profound connection between our bodies, minds, spirits, and simple, pure, well-made food. This is not about complex recipes or fancy brands. This has nothing to do with the trendiest vegetable of the month or marinade of the week.

Good food is just that, good food. It’s simple. Good thoughts are just that, good.  Good spiritual practices (whatever the path) are just that, good and always moving toward more and more love, grace, and gratitude.  Science has proven that these three disciplines are directly connected with optimum well being.  Food has energy.  Energy feeds our body.  Real, organic, food prepared with love has lots more energy than a food artifact found in a box or can.  I think we all intuitively know this on some level.

This kind of eating is not a diet, it has no expiration date. It is a way of living in true connection with your highest power and your food.

This is ultimately about your individual biochemistry and the best way for you to live the healthiest, happiest life possible.

I do not count calories. I count how many colors are on your plate.  I count how connected you are to your highest power.

I will be your guide, to help you on the journey to discovering how you want to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Meet My Golden Retriever

golden retrieverI began really looking at the immune system and nature when I was dealing with my golden retriever and her “hot spots” and fleas. This was many years ago, but I remember thinking about the food I was giving her.

It was dry pellets of kibble. After realizing exactly what this was (dried grains, parts of unhealthy animals that have been dried and powdered along with other ingredients…), I realized that this had nothing to do with how wolves evolved and what they ate. For years I had been telling my clients to think about what their great, great grandparents ate and to mimic that as much as possible as that would strengthen their body.

Realizing I was feeding my dog the equivalent of processed food, I changed her diet to mostly raw bones that had a little bit of meat left on them. Read More…

The Gut Issues

Gut IssuesHippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”  It is becoming more and more clear to me that this is the case.  I deal with adults, I deal with children, and the root of the cause is the same. 

Our intestinal tracts (guts) are being compromised in so many ways in our culture that we are creating extremely weak and diseased children and adults.  When the intestinal tract is weak, the disease will settle wherever your genetic vulnerability lies. 

For some people, this can show up as a chronic gut issue, sensory, cognitive, behavior or neurological problems. For others, it can be mental illness, kidney disease, muscle or joint issues or skin issues. Just look at your genetic lineage and you can usually figure out where things will hit in your body. Read More…

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